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About us 

Specialized in Modern art, Contemporary art and the Post-war period, Dumas+Limbach Fine art was born from a love story and a passion for art that found its place over the years. After many years of research and acquisitions, the gallery was born in 2022 in Saint-Tropez and has been a real success.


Following this first summer opening, Dumas+Limbach fine Art decided to come and settle on the prestigious Avenue Matignon in Paris, thus exhibiting with the greatest and offering a vast and varied collection, almost unprecedented, for connoisseurs and amateurs of art. From New figuration through Raw art, Abstract art, Op art, Narrative figuration, Free figuration, or even Support/Surface and again the CoBrA Group, it is a real treasure of art waiting to be admired.


You can then observe the unique works of Claude Viallat, the paintings of Hans Hartung, Michel Macréau or Maryan S. Maryan; admire the bright colors and shapes of Robert Combas; Adboulaye Konaté‘s interplay of textures; the creations of Roger Capron, Jean Hélion, Claude Venard; the sculptures of César Baldaccini and the illustrious Bernar Venet; or even the works of Bengt Linsdström, Jean Miotte, Geroges Jouve, Jean-Michel Atlan, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Julien Vignikin; observe the nuances of Alexander Calder‘s gouaches; appreciate there the works of Geer Van Velde, Mario Schifano, Pierre Ambrogiani; the lines of Bernard Buffet; the powerful works of Serge Poliakoff or even admire the essential creations of Jean Prouvé; and still so many other artists and works of art to discover.

How can 
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From Monday to Sunday

10:00 am – 08:00 pm

35 Avenue Matignon, 

75008 PARIS

+33 (0)1 42 89 01 09 

+33 (0)6 49 33 76 58

50 Boulevard Louis Blanc,


+33 (0)4 94 43 80 77

+33 (0)6 70 29 79 84

Dumas + Limbach Fine Art | Paris | Saint-Tropez | Art Gallery | Post war | Artiste |



Our galleries are distinguished by their diversity, and our universe is not limited to the walls of our galleries. Discover the other houses of our company. 

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