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© Moderne Art Fair - Teasing of 2023 Parisian edition 




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 20 - 24


10 avenue de la grande armée, 
75017, FRANCE 

Dumas + Limbach Fine art is proud to review its participation in the renowned Moderne art fair. Similar to our DNA, this exceptional gathering combines modern and contemporary art with furniture by illustrious designers. 

Created in 2021, the Moderne Art Fair is a fair resolutely focused on modern art, contemporary art and design, the essence by itself of Galerie Dumas Limbach. Each edition brings together the expertise and experience of a team of professionals from the art world and from the promotion of Parisian art events, specialized in modern art and contemporary design.

This major fair, which brings together many twentieth-century artists, was born of a process of reflection that combines knowledge and independence with a resolutely family spirit, creating a universe of choice where the impossible is never an obstacle.


The 2022 edition was a real success with art lovers, bringing together nearly 60 galleries presenting a selection of established 20th and 21st century artists.

Modern Art Fair | Paris | painting and sculpture | Dumas + Limbach | gallery | Art

Over the course of 5 days, it brings together the most prominent players in the art and design market in a convivial atmosphere.

A fair for connoisseurs in search of excellence, Moderne Art Fair offers a selection of exceptional works and objects.

While the fair is aimed at a discerning public, it also aspires to inspire the collectors of tomorrow. Both French and cosmopolitan, Moderne Art Fair contributes to the promotion of art, creative heritage and the transmission of artistic and cultural values.Moderne Art Fair offers five exceptional days every year, not to be missed under any circumstances.

Modern Art Fair | Paris | painting and sculpture | Dumas + Limbach | gallery | Art

View of Just Jaeckin's exhibition at Dumas + Limbach Paris. 

"Moderne Art Fair, positioned at the heart of the twentieth-century artistic wave, was born out of a long process of reflection that combines knowledge and independence, creating a universe of choice: the finest artistic response to a broad public that is increasingly informed and demanding".

Press Release Modern Art Fair 


Next edition 19 – 22 October 2023 – Paris

Press release 25.09.2022 +33 (0)6 50 78 00 88

Modern Art Fair | Paris | painting and sculpture | Dumas + Limbach | gallery | Art
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