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1919 - 2022

Pierre Soulages, "painter of black and light", is recognized as one of the major figures of abstraction and the greatest painter on the French scene today. A painter and printmaker, he is particularly renowned for his use of black reflections, which he calls "black-light". 

In 1979, Pierre Soulages, who had already been painting for over thirty years, embarked on a new phase of his work, which he called Outrenoir. By concentrating on a single color, black, and its relationship to light, he conceived a pictorial space which, despite the use of this single color, was the opposite of monochrome in the trajectory of modern art. 

As a representative of informal painting, he creates uninhibited constructions whose sober gesture reveals a strong energy.

PHOTO-2023-11-28-20-41-53 avec arrière-plan supprimé.jpeg

PEINTURE 102 X 165 CM, 27 FÉVRIER 2015


Acrylic on canvas

H 102 cm x W 165 cm

Signed and dated on the reverse 

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