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1901 - 1984

Jean Prouvé is a world-renowned architect and designer. He began his career as an ironworker in the Art Nouveau style, a style that he gradually abandoned in the 30s in favor of a more avant-garde, modern and experimental approach. His work with stainless steel allowed him to develop the technique of flattened stainless steel tube which guarantees a great resistance of the structure. The artist will be solicited for many achievements commissioned among others by the state, private companies, or even universities. Jean Prouvé’s work defends the alliance between art and industrial production. His work is exhibited worldwide and is the subject of important exhibitions and retrospectives.

Jean Prouvé | chairs | wood | avant-garde | modern | Art nouveau | artist | dumas Limbach | Fine art


circa 1940
Oak wood chairs
H 73 cm x W 40 cm x D 73 cm

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