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Details from Claude Viallat artwork exhibited  at Dumas + Limbach Paris. 



- OCTOBER 18, 2023


75008, FRANCE 


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Dumas+Limbach is pleased to present "Reinventing the surface" a group show in our Parisian gallery. On this occasion, we will showcase emblematic artworks of Claude Viallat and Francesco Marino di Teana's sculptures

French artist from Nîmes, born in 1936, Claude Viallat is renowned as one of the founders and leading members of the Supports/Surfaces group in the 1970s. Over the past 50 years, this illustrious artist has explored the limits of abstract painting through variations on his emblematic "form", which he has consistently applied to a wide variety of fabrics, tarpaulins and parasols, hung unassembled and unhindered in space. 

Color, fluidity and form are always important to Viallat. As long as it's a question of extricating them from their traditional presentations.

Man of the arts, Marino Di Teana was an Italian architect, poet, painter and sculptor. He left his mark on his era through the elaborate philosophy of his art. The most notable of these is undoubtedly his theory of the active void, proposing to use what is conventionally defined as a lack, as a structuring material form, in the same way as the "full", the space of sculpture.


N°221, 2015

Acrylic on tarpaulin mounting

H 177 cm x L256 cm 

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Lao Tseu, 2008

Corten Steel 

H 146 x L 70 x P 52

Signed and numbered 

Claude Viallat sees his work as the result of an abrupt and radical break with traditional art. The painting need no longer convey a message, nor represent anything other than its own materiality: canvas, pigment and form. The aim is to get as close as possible to the true essence of the work and return to the fundamentals of painting, all without the use of a stretcher.

By adopting the term "realism", he is referring to the 19th-century artistic and literary movement that aimed to depict, without idealizing, a common, everyday reality. However, this realism is described as "new", just as there is a New Novel or a cinematic New Wave: on the one hand, it explores an emerging reality arising from a consumer-driven urban society; on the other, its descriptive approach is also innovative, as it is no longer limited to the creation of an appropriate image, but relies on the presentation of the object chosen by the artist.


N°340, 2019

Acrylic on canvas mounting

H 153 x L 144 cm 



Liberté , 2007

Corten Steel 

H 146 x L 70 x P 52

Signed and numbered 

Francesco Marino Di Teana's research goes beyond mere formal research. It's really a question of renewing architectural design. Far from being utopian, his proposals and his attraction to the tower form are part of a desire to respond to urban planning issues linked to the demographic explosion. He thus positions himself as a forward-looking urban planner, whose creations are intended to "establish harmony between humans and everything that surrounds them". To achieve this, Marino Di Teana frees materials from their practical constraints. Steel, his material of choice, no longer imposes constraints of form, weight or material.


The resulting linearity of these works lends a lightness of touch, a vertical elevation that reinvents the architectural corpus we're used to dealing with.

"The two parts dialogue like two human beings to such an extent that you can imagine it's an architecture within an architecture. It's like the heart of a being within a being, living with each other in osmosis".

Quotation from Francesco Marino di Teana 


Claude Viallat


Francesco Marino Di Teana 

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