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Considered to be a precursor to the Free Figuration movement, Michel Macréau reaches succes very quickly. After a period of doubt and depression, the emergence of new artists like Robert Combas and Jean-Michel Basquiat helps him to regain trust in his work. His pictural approach and his obsession for the human body transcribed in his artworks is lining up with the raw art artists with.


At the origin of the free figuration movement with Hervé Di Rosa, Robert Combas is today considered to be one of the most important French artists of the 1980s. His works are marked by the desire to leave painting “free to find its own path”, constantly seeking to redefine the use of color, space and figuration.

Robert Combas | Portrait | CoBra | Art
Hans Hartung | Paintings | Art | Postwar


1904 - 1989 


French sculptor, creator of the famous trophy of the Césars Ceremony which celebrates French cinema, César Baldaccini is part of the New Realism movement which he will join in 1961. Since stone is a too expensive material, the artist works mainly with scrap objects found in landfills, thus turning to iron and plaster. His artworks are very quickly the subject of numerous exhibitions. He is recognized today for his major contribution to the history of sculpture.

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Antonio Segui | Argentine | Artiste | Personnages | Art | Dumas+Limbach


Native of Argentina, the artist is part of the Narrative figuration movement. His work is evolving from the expressionism to the absurd over the years. Antonio Seguí’s depicts in his works a colorful and graphic world against a backdrop of urban agitation that supplants the existential angst of the dictatorship then in place.

Dumas Limbach Fine Art | Artiste | Art | Logo art gallery

Specialized in Modern art, Contemporary art and the Post-war period.

Dumas+Limbach Fine art was born from a love story and a passion for art that found its place over the years. After many years of research and acquisitions, the gallery was born in 2022 in Saint-Tropez and has been a real success. Following this first summer opening, Dumas+Limbach fine Art decided to come and settle on the prestigious Avenue Matignon in Paris, thus exhibiting with the greatest and offering a vast and varied collection, almost unprecedented, for connoisseurs and amateurs of art. From New figuration through Raw art, Abstract art, Op art, Narrative figuration, Free figuration, or even Supports/Surfaces and again the CoBrA Group, it is a real treasure of art waiting to be admired. 

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