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1904 - 1989

Considered by many art historians as the creator of many avant-garde movements such as, action painting and tachisme, Hartung is one of the largest representatives of abstract art. Known throughout the art world, he experiments between the lines of technicality and freedom. Comes 1947, Hartung has caught the attention of many recognized art critics, and as a result, has been the outcome of many major exhibitions and retrospectives

Hans Hartung | German | PAintor | Avant garde | Abstraction | Action painting | Canvas | Dumas limbach | Art gallery post war | Fine art

P 1961 - 65


Charcoal, pastel and grattage on baryta cardboard
Signed and dated lower right
Unframed: H 49.5cm x W 70cm
Framed: H 69.5 cm x W 90 cm 
Certificate of the Hans Hartung and Eva Bergman Foundation

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